Blood Glucose Manager

Motivation for building the application

As I mentioned in this blog post Precision Link Xceed protocol I wrote some code to upload the measurements from the device I lead me to the decision to try adding the data to the data file of the Precision Link program. I decided to take another approach. This application is a program like the Precision Link but it is constructed with a plugin structure which enables for easy extension of the program.


Blood Glucose Manager is a tool build in .net 3.5 with a WPF userinterface. The main focus of the project is to build an application that can manage blood glucose readings. It is designed to use reflection which makes it easy to extend the various types of readers (The glucose measurement devices ‘hardware’) supported and likewise extend the application with additional views on the readings returned from the devices

The project is hosted at as a open source project. link


I will extend this post later on with additional information about how to make extensions (plugins) for this application.

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