NEXT no.5 in Århus 2008

Below are a lithe description of some of the most interesting tings I discovered there. Link to more projects:



Pleo is a robot with personality it adapts to the person interacting with it during its life. Its is actually very fun and you cant help your self you simply have to play with I. You don’t see it as a robot but as a pet instead.

Here are a short discovery description from their web site:

Every Pleo is autonomous. Yes, each one begins life as a newly-hatched baby Camarasaurus, but that’s where predictability ends and individuality begins. Like any creature, Pleo feels hunger and fatigue – offset by powerful urges to explore and be nurtured. He’ll graze, nap and toddle about on his own -when he feels like it! Pleo dinosaur can change his mind and his mood, just as you do. Discover Pleo’s emotions.

Pleo has a price tag of:

Pleo web site: Pleoworld

A little quote I found under a discussion about Pleo:

I bought Pleo and I love it! However, don’t leave Pleo alone with little dogs. I walked into the room and found my dog humping Pleo. The strange thing is Pleo was making noises, as if he was enjoying it! The sensors in this thing are amazing! Buy it! You’ll love it and so will your dog! Source



Description from innovation lab:

Stickybot | Sangbae Kim, Mark Cutkosky and Barrett Heyneman

Stickybot is quadruped robot capable of climbing smooth surfaces, such as glass, acrylic and whiteboard using. The design is mostly inspired by morphologic study of the best climber, Gecko lizard.

Microsoft Photosynth


Description from innovation lab:

Microsoft Photosynth | Microsoft

Photosynth is a technology, which has been developed by Microsoft Research, who, after having analysed a big collection of photos of objects and places, have collected and rendered them in a reconstructed 3-dimensional environment.

The technology can be used on photos of places, buildings or something else that people normally take pictures of (like The Notre Dame in Paris for example) found on the Internet. Photosynth is able to use those pictures to create amazing multi dimensional environments with zoom and navigation functions.

Blog post from Microsoft. Here

iBar | Mindstorm


Description from innovation lab:

iBar | Mindstorm

iBar is a system for the interactive design of any bar-counter. Integrated video-projectors can project any content on the milky bar-surface. The intelligent tracking system of iBar detects all objects touching the surface. This input is used to let the projected content interact dynamically with the movements on the counter. Objects can be illuminated at their position or virtual objects can be “touched” with the fingers.

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