Embedded web server on ATmega128 with ENC28j60

I bought a Ethernet interface and a micro controller form http://www.futurlec.com/ for a cheap price. (With a very slow delivery).


The base code used to create this web server are provided by tuxgraphics.org:

HTTP/TCP with an atmega88 microcontroller (AVR web server)

The code has been changed to support atmage16 and atmega128 by extracting the SPI initialization and the hard coded pin numbers from the source. This is needed because the registers and pins are different from the atmega88 family.



Here is the source code with support for atmega16 and 128.

eth_rem_dev_tcp-2.11_atmega16_final28092008.rar (179.07 kb)

User’s manual ET-MINI ENC28J60.pdf (299.37 kb)


One comment on “Embedded web server on ATmega128 with ENC28j60
  1. Karan says:

    Hi ,

    I wanted to make AVR data on web site or on live ip. Can you please guide me or point to some article which can helpful ?


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