Windows Vista VPN connection no longer working after month of use without problems

Windows Vista has again shown a funny feature. It can turn of the components which makes VPN connections work without giving you any valid description other than VPN connection problems.

So if you have a VPN connection on your vista machine which suddenly stopped working and where you know the server still is working this might be a solution. It worked for me anyway:

  1. open a command prompt in administrator mode and continue to step 2 or run the batch file below
  2. uninstall miniports
    1. netcfg -u ms_l2tp
    2. netcfg -u ms_pptp
  3. install them again
    1. netcfg -l %windir%\inf\netrast.inf -c p -i ms_pptp
    2. netcfg -l %windir%\inf\netrast.inf -c p -i ms_l2tp


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