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Using Amazon Glacier on Linux

Amazon Glacier Amazon provides a low cost backup service called Amazon Glacier which a payment plan reflecting the amount of data that you store with a price in the range of $ 0.01 per GB. However beware of the other

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One-way Synchronization with sFTP

Here is a solution that allows synchronization (mirroring) of a sFTP folder with a local folder. The solution provided here uses the free WinSCP program. An alternative to this approach could be the paid software GoodSync which is fairly easy

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Update and Configure ConnectBlue OEMSPA310

The following gallery explains how to configure and firmware update the OEMSPA310 module. The firmware update description is available here.

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SourceForge Git auto-login in Windows 7

TortoiseGit auto log-in at SourceForge can be achieved through key authentication through Putty. The first step is to create a key set go to the putty section from the link below Now associate the public SSH key with your SourceForge account

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Open shared calender in Exchange webmail 2010

To open a shared calender you need to have access and the following commands:<mail address of the calender owner>/?cmd=contents&module=calendar   Views Links Calendar View – Default – Daily https://<server name>/owa/<SMTP address>/?cmd=contents&module=calendar Calendar View – Daily https://<server name>/owa/<SMTP address>/?cmd=contents&f=Calendar&view=Daily Calendar

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Assign new uuid to Virtual Box Harddrive

I recently had to copy a  VirtualBox HD image and didn’t use the build-in support which resulted in problems with UUID’s not matching or being duplicates of each other. To solve this I used the following command to generate and reassign a new

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Windows 7 Share internet to phone or others

This nice small tool for windows 7 can do the job. It creates a new access point like a normal router which can be used by any wifi device. The tool also allows sharing through a wifi access point while

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Symbolic links in Windows

To make a symbolic link in Windows 7 use the “mklink” command. Creates a symbolic link. MKLINK [[/D] | [/H] | [/J]] Link Target         /D      Creates a directory symbolic link.  Default is a file symbolic link.

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Recover lost Windows password

I found this tool at a Thinkpad wiki: Windows Password unlocker:

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Hosting iTunes as a Windows Service

To host iTunes as a Windows Service under a User Account and not a system account this small program can be sued: It enables you to install the service start/stop it and so it can run without a concrete

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