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Nice small serial port client – picocom

The picocom client is a tiny serial port client which is very easy to work with: sudo picocom -b 115200 -r -l /dev/ttyUSB0

Easy way to set keyboard layout in Ubuntu

This command can be used to set the keyboard layout in the terminal: setxkbmap dk

Enable LaTeX to find files in multiple folders

To enable LaTeX to find files in other folder use this: \makeatletter \def\input@path{{./}{../../../some-other-folder/}} \makeatother This is handy if including a TeX file from elsewhere that has file includes inside it self  

Eclipse CDT cannot debug using gdb on Mac

See this post for the problem description. The main reason is that the debugger is not signed for mac. The page describes how to sign it.

OSX Yosemite printing to HP enterprise printer over Windows spools

I discovered that setting up a HP Enterprise printer on OSX Yosemite was not trivial when it had to print through a Windows spools via smb. So to get this to work follow the usual guides on windows spooler listed

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Creating plugins for Lightroom

Here’s a few useful links for creating plugins for Adobe Lightroom: Lightroom SDK guid Lua language online book Lightroom SDK documentation of the modules Lua IDE Debugging Lua Other specific Lua stuff which might be useful: lua string replacement

Managing free maps for Garmin BaseCamp – MacOS

You can download free OpenStreet Maps from here, see a guid hereĀ on how to select and download the map. The downloaded maps can be installed using ManageMaps (a custom app from Garmin, not on the app store) or simply by

Eclipse dev Utils — open project/foler/file in system

Here is a small tool for opening resources in Eclipse in system navigator: The source is at:

Windows PATH too long

I recently discovered that Windows does something funny when the path variable gets too big. (Here I mean that PATH variable + the user PATH variable). The funny thing is that it seems to permute the string somehow because after

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Configuring two DD-WRT in a VPN setup

This setup attempts to configure a network where one subnet (192.168.2.x) uses a VPN connection as its default route where as another subnet (192.168.1.x) has a default route to the internet. The devices on each subnet should be able to

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