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Using Amazon Glacier on Linux

Amazon Glacier Amazon provides a low cost backup service called Amazon Glacier which a payment plan reflecting the amount of data that you store with a price in the range of $ 0.01 per GB. However beware of the other

Enabling Apple AirPlay across subnets/networks

The Bonjour service that Apple AirPlay uses to discover devices is limited to only work on a single network (subnet). However, in a home network with  multiple subnets and or routers AirPlay wont work out of the box. Here is

Guided Access useful feature when kids use the iPad

The somewhat hidden feature “Guided Access” lets you restrict the access to the iPad by requiring a pass code. It is possible to restrict hardware buttons, touch screen touch area and auto rotation.

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One-way Synchronization with sFTP

Here is a solution that allows synchronization (mirroring) of a sFTP folder with a local folder. The solution provided here uses the free WinSCP program. An alternative to this approach could be the paid software GoodSync which is fairly easy

ExifTool to read or modify EXIF data

This ExifTool is a nice command line based tool that allows read and write of properties from Exif an others. It can easily be used in the shell to e.g. collect information about images or just to list all properties.

Cloning NTFS disk with errors

I have a Windows 7 disk with the NTFS file system on multiple partitions that I want to clone since the disk seems to be dying (it has problems spinning the disk plates, or at least that’s how it sounds). My first

Installing Cyanogenmod on HTC Desire and make it look similar to HTC Sense

Why would you install a custom ROM on your Desire? You ran out of space for Apps! Rooting the Phone First step is to get root access (if you want to us a program like ROM Manager) S-OFF: Root:  Installing

Eclipse User Interface Guidelines

When developing Eclipse plug-ins it is recommended to follow the Eclipse User Interface Guidelines as described at  

Update and Configure ConnectBlue OEMSPA310

The following gallery explains how to configure and firmware update the OEMSPA310 module. The firmware update description is available here.

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SourceForge Git auto-login in Windows 7

TortoiseGit auto log-in at SourceForge can be achieved through key authentication through Putty. The first step is to create a key set go to the putty section from the link below Now associate the public SSH key with your SourceForge account