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Code formatting in AVR Studio 5

I discovered that AVR Studio 5.1 doesnt always work in relation to code formatting. I searched for bugs and found a number of places where Atmel has replied that they are working on fixing this. However, until this happens a

Upgrading firmware on STK500 with AVR Studio 5

Aparently AVR Studio 5 does not support upgrade of the STK500 through the Tools->AVR Tools Firmware Upgrade so here is how it can be done manually. Since the AVR Prog program is not distributed with the Atmel Studio installer anymore. There is

Adding a new Key Fob to a VW Touran 2007

This will explain how to buy a new (or used) key fob and program the remote to the car. It is worth mentioning that programming the immobilizer is not really a thing you can do you self unless you have all the

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Unlocking Webasto Aux. Heater on a VW Touran

The Webasto Aux. Heater can be unlocked through VCDS. It may be come locked do to a broken water pump or simply failed starts. The heater is locked if it reports the following fault code: 205935 00 0018 03 1232

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VW Webasto water pump test using VCDS

The Webasto water pump can be tested through the VCDS program for VW cars. The idea is to activate the pump when the car engine isn’t started, this way it will be possible to listen to the front right side

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VW Touran Webasto Thermo Top V Water pump renewal

This post will explain how to change the water pump attached to the Webasto aux heater on a VW Touran. Determining if the water pump is broken Before explaining how to get a new pump or replace it lets look at how

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Eclipse Adding License To Source Files

Eclipse provides a good tool for applies copy right headers to source files, it can also replace one ones if the file already contain a copyright header. The tool can be installed from the eclipse update site and is called:

JUnit test with dynamic number of tests

This can be done as follows in JUnit 3: public class XTest extends TestCase { public File file; public XTest(File file) { super(file.toString()); this.file = file; } public void testX() { fail(“Failed: ” + file); } } public class XTestSuite

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Java Regular Expressions

Here is a nice guide for regular expressions in Java:

Open shared calender in Exchange webmail 2010

To open a shared calender you need to have access and the following commands:<mail address of the calender owner>/?cmd=contents&module=calendar   Views Links Calendar View – Default – Daily https://<server name>/owa/<SMTP address>/?cmd=contents&module=calendar Calendar View – Daily https://<server name>/owa/<SMTP address>/?cmd=contents&f=Calendar&view=Daily Calendar

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