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Linksys WRT150N v1 Serial mod

Overview   Locate a serial port on the main board Convert the serial port signals from 3.3 Vcc to 5 Vcc to enable communication with a standard PC Create a small test circuit with the parts required to convert the

Linksys WRT150N v1 SD Mod Guide

Content Introduction The SD card Finding suitable IO points Finding ground Finding power, 3,3 volt Finding general IO output points Finding general IO input The wiring layout Implementing the modification Wiring points Setting up DD-WRT to support the modification Editing

Debrick Linksys WRT150N

Linksys WRT150N does not response to anything, no LAN response at all. Step 1 Setup your PC with a static IP address submask and default gateway Connect a LAN wire to one of the LAN port and

Install DD-WRT on Linksys WRT150N – be careful

I have a Linksys WRT150N and want to try installing dd-wrt on the router to solve a problem with one of my computers which keeps disconnection from the router when a large file transferee is started. Install instructions for WRT150N