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Windows PATH too long

I recently discovered that Windows does something funny when the path variable gets too big. (Here I mean that PATH variable + the user PATH variable). The funny thing is that it seems to permute the string somehow because after

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One-way Synchronization with sFTP

Here is a solution that allows synchronization (mirroring) of a sFTP folder with a local folder. The solution provided here uses the free WinSCP program. An alternative to this approach could be the paid software GoodSync which is fairly easy

Cloning NTFS disk with errors

I have a Windows 7 disk with the NTFS file system on multiple partitions that I want to clone since the disk seems to be dying (it has problems spinning the disk plates, or at least that’s how it sounds). My first

SourceForge Git auto-login in Windows 7

TortoiseGit auto log-in at SourceForge can be achieved through key authentication through Putty. The first step is to create a key set go to the putty section from the link below Now associate the public SSH key with your SourceForge account

Windows 7 Share internet to phone or others

This nice small tool for windows 7 can do the job. It creates a new access point like a normal router which can be used by any wifi device. The tool also allows sharing through a wifi access point while

Delete locked files in Windows

If you can’t delete a file in windows because it is locked this tool can help you unlock it: Unlocker. Link

Symbolic links in Windows

To make a symbolic link in Windows 7 use the “mklink” command. Creates a symbolic link. MKLINK [[/D] | [/H] | [/J]] Link Target         /D      Creates a directory symbolic link.  Default is a file symbolic link.

Windows 7, Windowvs Live Messenger Stopped working

If you cannot even start Messenger without getting the “Stopped working” message box try to reset the settings in regedit: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger Delete the value of the keys: AppCompatCanary AppSettings This should make messenger reset the values and start up normally.

Windows 7 and Lenovo T60

To avoid Monitor problems use the following driver: To speed up the different .Net application from Lenovo the online verification can be turned of for the individual applications: By saving this as the application .config <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <?configuration>

Command line interface for W-lan in Windows xp, vista, 7

Windows has a command line interface for the wireless profiles, here are a few commands which can be usefulle: netsh wlan show profiles (show all profiles) netsh wlan export profile name=”NetworknetForFree” folder=C:\ If the profile name is left out all