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Nice small serial port client – picocom

The picocom client is a tiny serial port client which is very easy to work with: sudo picocom -b 115200 -r -l /dev/ttyUSB0

Easy way to set keyboard layout in Ubuntu

This command can be used to set the keyboard layout in the terminal: setxkbmap dk

Configuring two DD-WRT in a VPN setup

This setup attempts to configure a network where one subnet (192.168.2.x) uses a VPN connection as its default route where as another subnet (192.168.1.x) has a default route to the internet. The devices on each subnet should be able to

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Using Amazon Glacier on Linux

Amazon Glacier Amazon provides a low cost backup service called Amazon Glacier which a payment plan reflecting the amount of data that you store with a price in the range of $ 0.01 per GB. However beware of the other

Enabling Apple AirPlay across subnets/networks

The Bonjour service that Apple AirPlay uses to discover devices is limited to only work on a single network (subnet). However, in a home network with  multiple subnets and or routers AirPlay wont work out of the box. Here is

Syntax highlighting for VDM

Here are language files for VDM: VDM-SL VDM-PP VDM-RT They should be placed in:¬†share\gtksourceview-2.0\language-specs vdm.lang (9.94 kb) vdmpp.lang (10.15 kb) vdmrt.lang (10.25 kb) vdmsl.lang (9.95 kb) vpp.lang (10.14 kb)          

Small guide for basic Shell commands

Oreilly online book chapter: link

Environment variables in Ubuntu

The following is a exstract from Ubuntu help The can be used to set enviroment variables in the terminal: ~/.bashrc Session-wide environment variables In order to set environment variables in a way that effects a user's entire desktop session, one