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Beagleboard uBoot

  Load uBoot Here is a u-boot which works for Ubuntu and Ångstrøm: u-boot-f.bin (176.52 kb) find more info at Steps: mmcinit (or "mmc init")fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 u-boot-f.bin nand unlock nandecc sw (or nand ecc sw) nand erase


I recently bought a new toy. A Beagleboard from It’s a small board with a OMAP3530 processor, OpenGL ES 2.0 capable 2D/3D graphics accelerator, HD video capable TMS320C64+ DSP etc.   Different projects exist to e.g. port debian and

Pleo inside

Two Danish engineers disassembling Pleo: Link

Embedded web server on ATmega128 with ENC28j60

I bought a Ethernet interface and a micro controller form for a cheap price. (With a very slow delivery). Ethernet interface: ET-MINI ENC28j60 – Micro controller: ET-Base AVR (r2) Atmega128 – The base code used to create