Video Post processing

Here is a list of useful tools:

  • MPEG StreamClip
    • This is a fast simple clipper and converter for video clips. For e.g. GoPro the this guide can be used for converting recordings into an uncompressed format better suited for post processing. This is also illustrated in this screencast.
  • MediaInfo
    • This is a handy utility tool to check the encoding of video and audio in a video container.
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Compressor

Final Cut Pro X

Importing GoPro video in Final Cut

Color correction:

paid version


plugins in general





Sound levels

Audio level we must not exceed: 0 dB

Total audio mix level: -3 dB to -6 dB

Principle speaker (SOT) audio: -6 dB to -12 dB

Sound effects audio: -12 dB to -18 dB

Music when its an underscore: -18 dB


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