VW Touran Webasto Thermo Top V Water pump renewal

This post will explain how to change the water pump attached to the Webasto aux heater on a VW Touran.

Determining if the water pump is broken

Before explaining how to get a new pump or replace it lets look at how to see if the pump is the one to blame for your cold car.

The heater should turn on if you start the car and the temperature is less then 11 degrees Celsius (<11) and the ECON light is off in the climate control. Beside when this is the case you should be able to heat a faint summing from the lower right of the bumper (thats the pump) , if you dont try to use VCDS to read out error codes, if you get something like this error your pump is most likely broken:

Address 18: Aux. Heat        Labels: None
   Part No: 1K0 815 071 R
   Component: Zuheizer        050 2302
   Revision: 00050000    Serial number: 09009839000000
   Coding: 0000011
   Shop #: WSC 01324 785 00200
   VCID: 346C9F582EA0

1 Fault Found:
01415 - Recirculating Pump (V55)
            010 - Open or Short to Plus
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 01101010
                    Fault Priority: 3
                    Fault Frequency: 2
                    Reset counter: 126
                    Mileage: 203208 km
                    Time Indication: 0

             Freeze Frame:
                    Temperature: 33.0°C
                    Temperature: 70.0°C
                    Voltage: 12.00 V

Future more see this post on testing the pump.

Where to buy a new pump

There is a number of options here:

  1. Go to your local VW dealer and pay a lot of money or..
  2. Look for a new pump with almost the same spare number but different output directions

The pump is actually now a VW manufactured pump but from Webasto and it happens to be the case the they only use a few different pumps where the pip outlets are different angled.

This means that you can go and search for a new pump with pare number: 7E0.965.561

 New Water Pump dissambly

If you chose to buy a water pump that has a different angled outlet the outlet needs to be removed and replaced with the one already installed in the car, here are a few pictures:

(In my case I didn’t remove the pipes from the old pump outlet. I just unscrewed the screws and were a bit quick to remove the old pump and re-install the new one without loosing much cooling liquid)

The pump is different in its connection as the original one since it comes with a connector instead, here is a picture of the old pump wire:


The old wire can just be cut off and with advantage extended about 10 cm and attached to the connector for the new pump. If wired wrong the pump will not turn at all.

  • black wire to pin 1
  • brown wire to pin 2





The installation required the front bumper to be removed, which is quite easy and quick even though it should like a lot of work.

  1. Open the hood
  2. unscrew the 4 screws holding the plastic/metal part with the VW logo and the number plate
    1. pull it strait out
  3. now pull out the lower black plastic part covering the lower part of the cooler. But be care full now to damage your temperature sensor if you have one (right side just under the screw you tool out)
  4. new to the actual bumper
    1. each wheel box has 3 screws pointing forward into the bumper and 1 which goes up/backwards. They must all be removed
    2. then pull out the bumper to the right/left of the car such that it clips out of the guide
    3. under the front of the car there is a number of screws as well starting from the one attaching a plastic rod.
    4. if all screws are removed you should be able to un-clip the 4 clippers which is located under the first plate you removed. Gently push them down and the bumper should slide nicely forward and off.
      1. be careful not to damage the wires on the right side of the bumper and the springler pipe on the left

Assembly is in the opposite order.

You may wish to loosen the sprinkler tank to get more space releasing the pump wires.

Installing the new pump

The old pump is just loosened from its holder and pipes can be detached or the pump outlet can be unscrewed (the cooling liquid is quite lubricating so avoid too much of this on you hands and tools).

Before re-installing check the following

  1. Check the exhoust of the heater – the material should be non corroding but clearly not the case here:
    1. Also check the springler o’rings, the pipe can be seen on the picture above just behind the water pump if the car is old the o’ring might be hard and not sealing properly making the springler liquid leek after assembly.

Final result

The result after a new pump + exhaust and sprinkler o’rings:


You might want to unlock the heater, see this

And thanks to http://vw-touran.dk/Ny%20vandpumpe%20i%20tilskudsvarmer.html for the guide and idea about the cheaper pump.

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3 comments on “VW Touran Webasto Thermo Top V Water pump renewal
  1. Rich Webb says:

    just some more information for this post. I looked here and ordered a pump off ebay similar to the one shown on your site. The only difference was that the inlet to the pump came straight out of the top of the pump rather than at an angle. I was hoping to swap the tops over as you have done. Unfortunately the pump design was slightly different inside which meant that the tops wouldnt swap over. I thought i’d post up how i got around this to help others.
    I ordered 1x 90 degree silicone elbow from automotive silicone hose (19mm ID) as well as a 1 metre length of 19mm hose. It came to about £10.
    Installation instructions
    1) Clip the wires off the old pump right next to the pump.
    2) crimp the new connector onto the old wiring. The new pump has a + and – on it. The brown wire from your old harness is the -.
    3) cut one leg off the elbow such that it bends almost immediately. Install this onto the pump to it points in the same direction as the old pump.
    4) Jack the car and remove the front offside wheel (drivers side in the UK)
    5) remove the wheelarch lining
    6)Behind the lining you’ll see a metal pipe where one of the pump rubber hoses connects. Remove the rubber pipe from this metal pipe.
    7) Remove old pump.
    8) the 2 hoses for the pump are connected together. Carefully cut the connecting piece and remove the pipe that connected to the metal pipe.
    9) Install the new pump, connecting the remaining original hose to the outlet. The new hose will sit on top of the intercooler pipe and will point towards the metal pipe.
    10) Measure the distance between the silicone pipe and the metal pipe. Cut a pipe of your straight silicone hose to fit.
    11) use a short (50mm or so) piece of copper tubing and connect the end of the silicone hose from the pump to your new bit.
    12) Connect it to the metal pump. Use jubilee clips to hold it all together.
    13) put everything together and test with VCDS.

    Sorry for the lack of pictures!! It was raining when i did this! You may see that the hose now goes fairly close to the exhaust for the aux heater. I’m hoping that won’t cause a problem!!

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