Installing Cyanogenmod on HTC Desire and make it look similar to HTC Sense

Why would you install a custom ROM on your Desire? You ran out of space for Apps!

Rooting the Phone

First step is to get root access (if you want to us a program like ROM Manager)

 Installing Cyanogenmod

  1. Go to here and find a pre build you want to install (for HTC Desire only)
  2. Place the zip on the SD card
  3. Boot the phone into revovery (Hold down volume down and power to enter this menu)
  4. Select install zip and select the zip
  5. Reboot

Make the new ROM look like HTC Sense

First the Theme

  1. Look here for a theme you like and download it to you SD card
  2. Enable app install from unknown source
  3. Use a file manager to select the apk file and install it
  4. Open the Theme Chooser and install the theme

Getting more space for Apps (one of the primary reasons for choosing a custom ROM)

  1.  Use ROM Manager to prepare the SD card
  2. Install s2e
  3. Open s2e and enable mount from the SD card for the options desired

Sense like Apps:

  1. LP Sense UI apk (the home screen)
  2. Widgetlocker Lockscreen (if you dont like the default one in Cyanogenmod)
  3. The Weather widget from Sense: Fancy widgets app looks almost the same
  4. LED: Light Flow app allows control over when the LEDs light up enabling customisation.

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