Windows Media Center SDK

Getting started with developing applications for windows media center.


To develop applications for windows media center you need to have
the Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimage installed.

For creating an application you need the Microsoft Visual Studio installed.
You need the .Net 2.0 Fremwork as well.

  • Download the windows media center sdk. SDK
  • Create a project. Under Virtual C# – Windows Media Center
    • Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Application
  • Add reference to Microsoft.MediaCenter.dll – this dll has the classes for
    the Media Center functionality.
  • ….
Registration of the Application in the Media Center

First the assembly has to be signed, because it has to go into the GAC

<application title="Windows Media Center Step By Step" id="{[GUID2]}"> 
          <entrypoint id="{[GUID3]}"
                  addin="MyProject.MyProject, MyProject,Culture=Neutral,Version=,PublicKeyToken=[PublicKeyToken]" 
                  title="Step By Step"
                  description="A Windows Media Center Application"
                  <category category="More Programs"/>

Installing the Application

First the assembly has to be installed in the GAC

gacutil.exe /if "Assembly name.dll"


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