Rational Rose on Windows Vista With the FLEXlm running as a console app

The FLEXlm service does not work on windows vista:


But there is a workaround. Follow the steps below:

I had selected compatibility mode "windows xp sp2" for all the apps used below and used administrator rights for all the apps and the console as well.

  • Download the files listed for your windows version xp. link
  • Unzip them in a folder "c:\flexlm\"
  • Place your license file in this folder with the name "license.dat"
  • Run "i86_n3_lmgrd -c license.upd -l log -z"
    • z is only used to show you what the app does. incoming / outgoing connections
  • Now you computer is running with the license server located on: "localhost:27000"
  • Use Rational License Key Administrator
    • Then select the "Point to a Rational License Server…"
    • image
    • Add the license file as well
    • image  
    • Then the list will look like
    • image
  • Now you can connect to this license server and run Rational Rose as normal.
  • image

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