Microsoft Outlook 2007 problem with Calendar – CPU usage 100%

If Outlook has a CPU usage of 100% when trying to view the calendar some command line arguments can be used to start outlook in a mode where it startup and performs some maintenance tasks.

In my case outlook suddenly no longer was able to view the calendar view. I solved it by starting outlook with the arguments below.

  • /cleanreminders – Clears and regenerates reminders.
  • /cleanrules – Starts Outlook and deletes client- and server-based rules.
  • /cleanviews – Restores default views. All custom views you created are lost.
  • /cleansniff – Deletes duplicate reminder messages.
  • /cleanserverrules – Starts Outlook and deletes server-based rules.
  • /resettodobar – Rebuilds the task bar. (Removes double tasks if any)



"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Outlook.exe" /Cleanreminders

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